Mission Statement

Hi there,

Thanks for checking out my website! Whatever you’re looking for today, I’d love to see if I can help you, whether that’s help with your nutrition, fitness goals, weight loss or just generally feeling better about yourself.

So now you’re probably thinking “here we go – another personal trainer promising to transform my life when they’ve not been through the journey I have” right?

Let me take a minute to tell you a bit about me and why I started Steel Fitness….

Around 6 years ago I was topping the scales at over 17 stone. I was unhappy, had no confidence, and the thought of walking into a gym or being seen doing exercise made me feel ill. Then one day I saw a photo that shocked me into making some changes. I’d gone to climb the Three Peaks in Yorkshire with friends and there I was, right before the walk smiling away, with no idea that I would struggle so much with that walk that the day would end with me crying my eyes out, feeling let down by my body and my lack of fitness.

I decided that I’d had enough, so after toying with various forms of exercise like walking and running (but not really losing the weight I wanted) I joined a local gym. After a few visits and feeling a bit out of my depth I thought I could use a bit of help, so I started having some sessions with a personal trainer. Gradually, over the course of a few years I changed my eating and exercising habits to transform my body, my mind and my life. If you’d like to read a bit more about my turning point and what motivated me to make the changes, read here.

And I’m sorry to say that yes, it did take a few years, because I’ve had ups and downs along the way because….well, life! So on my site you won’t find any quick fixes, diet shakes or supplements that promise to give you instant results because as I’m sure you know, there’s only one way to achieve dramatic body changes in a few weeks and that’s by using Photoshop! This is me now and trust me, there’s no Photoshopping gone on here….

Having gone through a huge lifestyle and fitness transformation myself, in 2018 I qualified as a PT and specialised in Womens health, Pre and post natal, Senior fitness as I wanted to help other people be the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be. I want all my clients to feel that they deserve to be a priority, and no matter what their starting point, that they CAN achieve their goals. I believe that regardless of age, weight, or ability, everyone has the right to be happy and confident within themselves.

I understand that making lifestyle changes and putting yourself first can be pretty scary to begin with – totally been there! My commitment to you here and now is that I will never put up barriers to what you can achieve, and I will create plans that are especially for you – you are unique, your goals will be bespoke to you, so why should you be expected to follow a generic “off the shelf” plan that caters for a broad spectrum of people? It’s all about you!

Maybe you’re brand new to all of this and have never set foot in a gym? Maybe you’re looking to pick up your fitness where you left off a while ago? Maybe you’re a seasoned pro who’s just looking to try something different, or for some inspiration? Or maybe it’s something else entirely? Well, wherever you’re starting from, I look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals

Health and Happiness

Toni xx